~~  An Angel In Disguise!!  ~~


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Being an epileptic under medication since childhood, I have to be very wary of emotionally upsetting situations that may trigger off a seizure anywhere, anytime.


Once my husband, daughter and I were crossing the rush hour traffic on a busy warm afternoon. Suddenly a heavily loaded truck swished past my 2 year old daughter who fortunately escaped unscathed. I was too shaken to move and the trauma that I may have already lost my daughter, was enough for a seizure to occur.


My husband juggled between the shopping bags, my wailing daughter and me in the middle of an epileptic attack while an old beggar woman rushed to our rescue. Onlookers cast an inquisitive glance but no one extended a helping hand.


The old woman helped my husband usher me carefully into our car parked nearby. I was in a sub-conscious state while my husband was anxious to get me and our daughter safely home.


We regret today that in our frenzied condition we could not thank the old woman who slipped away effortlessly into the busy traffic. She was a tramp with empty pockets but a magnanimous heart.


She was indeed an angel in disguise who retrieved my faith in kindness and humanity.