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The world awaits her to break her shell,
It's time for her to leave her hell.
Torture pain and tears, she’s borne,
A woman’s honor, to shreds they have torn.

Leaving the vicious tongues far behind her,
Ignoring the pointing fingers forever,
She must walk on the path of success,
Seeking joy and happiness.

A faithful wife, a divine mother,
Should rise now, to achieve their honor.
Since ages now she’s been subdued by man,
Its time destiny lent her a helping hand.

Fighting gender wars to reach her aim,
Ups and downs are part of the game,
Just a flicker of hope and grit she needs,
To make the world proud of her deeds.

Indeed she will attain all realms of the earth,
with her grit and her worth.
The World will salute her,
as she gives new meaning to success.
Hindrance and doubts she will now steer,
To sow the seeds of her happiness,
with her child so dear.