~~  Chill Out In The Cold !!  ~~


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With the arrival of the bitter sweet cold weather, Christmas and the new year too step into our lives each year. We look back over the year regretting over undone activities as well as with contentment over what was achieved successfully. So ladies let plan and chill out in the shivering cold and welcome the new years with open arms. After all without our  expertise in planning, this male dominated world would go round and round!!


  1. To begin with, don't look back and regret over the past year--its over so no use fretting over it--instead make a resolution to improvise the following 12 months.

  2. Do a good deed--donate your old clothes, accessories and unused items to someone needy. It will merely clear the junk from your home and pave way for you to buy some fresh stuff. In the bargain you shall gather a thousand blessings.

  3. Go on a weekend holiday--without husbands of course!!--You do deserve a break from men--don't you--.Pile up with your girl-friends and kids and chill out the  in winter sun! Who knows KAL HO NA HO!!

  4. Make a resolution to meditate daily upon the divine and thank Him for little mercies in life. We should be grateful to be alive to see the next moment, the next sunrise, the next year! Just surrender to Him.

  5. Shut your room door, draw the drapes, wear something skimpy, play some jazzy music and perform a cabaret (ignoring the bulges)to bribe the sun god to peep out once in a while! Am sure He shall oblige! Women are usually hard to refuse!

  6. Leave snail mail behind and send e-cards to all your near and dear ones. Move with the hi tech world ,lady and give the postman a break !But if you are unfamiliar with the cyber world just a phone call will suffice to special people and it will make their day--and yours too!

  7. Decorate a Christmas tree or better still the nearby hedge along with all kids around telling them about the relevance of Christmas! Sing a Christmas carol or two at night and watch the excitement and joy in each child's eyes--it will be simply priceless.

  8. Treat yourself to a chilled tripled cassata ice cream (irresistible in winters) swimming with crispy nuts and scrumptious toppings! Never mind the calories--work out in 2011--after all you deserve to pamper yourself at least once!

  9. Give your household help a break. Pack off your kids to nearby relatives or your dear friend close by and snuggle up in a warm quilt with your loved one and watch the year go by--cause opportunity only knocks once!

  10. Last but not the least--when you dance into the midnight awaiting the clock to strike the zero hour, shut you eyes just once--imagine you are Cinderella--thank fairy godmother for little blessings the past year and open your windows to welcome 2011!Just don't forget your glass slipper coz no prince may find it but your better half certainly may!

Finally ,do write to me and lets share our beautiful experience of leaving 2011 in the past and beckoning 2005 in the future! Wishing you and your dear ones a fabulous New Years--watch out for the sun god though! Hoping to follow the above myself too!