~~  My Daughter, My Pride !!  ~~


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Sharing any particular incident about my daughter will minimize her little gestures of affection and perfect understanding she displays daily which remind me to thank the Almighty for bestowing her in our lives. My bundle of joy is just 6 years old ,so big words do not form her vocabulary but her occasional 'thank you's' when I do anything she desires, is my biggest reward. Helping me lay the beds, or picking ripe tomatoes from the veg shop or just putting her shoes back on her shoe shelf, evokes pride in me. Her simply planting a peck on my cheek when am blue or possessively hugging me tight on a winter night or just fondly caressing the glass bangles I wear, makes me feel so special .


She may not present me an expensive gift wrapped in satin ribbons on my birthday but a marigold plucked by her from the wild hedge outside, is priceless .


Her temper tantrums convey she is a normal toddler but her immediate 'sorry' with glistening eyes, teaches me how an apology can soothe situations. Her tenderness towards our dog to whom she talks in plenty or the maid's child with whom she willingly shares her colorful gems, has restored my faith in kindness.


At a tender age of six, Harsheen in her innocent ways has taught me that giving and receiving love is essential and the magic of a few golden words can move mountains. Who says sons are needed to complete a family--a daughter's love will suffice. I simply feel proud at my angel's unconditional love. Don't you?