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The capital of our country is certainly not one of my favorite cities. Being a city full of grime, dust, pollution and a traffic that reminds one of a pack of swarming bees let loose, it is surely not my cup of tea. Yet one magnetic force exists in Delhi that compels me to retain my so-called brief visits to just a few more days. Am talking of the FM radio of Delhi.


It is something that creeps into your soul penetrating your somber thoughts with its music. Suitably apt for all age groups, catering to its listeners’ desires, the FM is going to raise its already prevalent popularity to dizzy heights by the launch of another channel.


If you are stuck in the snail paced traffic of Delhi with your spouse lost in his own thoughts, switching on the FM bridges the unspoken words while reaching out to your soul. The soothing musical voices enveloped with emotional grace, of the compeers makes one feel so at home—they seem just like your best friend next door waiting patiently while we pour our hearts out at them. Snuggled deep in the hearts of the listeners while creating a stir by their voices, they are every household’s name.


One tends to relate various moments of one’s life to each symphony, musical ode, ghazals or songs—bringing back memories of a school crush, an unfulfilled love story, a family reunion or simply wishing to be dancing around trees leading to stardom.


Whether it’s western, country music, Indian pop or religious hymns, the FM seems to have tuned into each of its listeners’ heartbeat. As dusk gives way to nightfall and we prepare to retire to bed the Zero hour show helps one drift into sweet slumber after a strenuous day. Being active throughout night, it takes sleep away from those working nightshifts and earning their livelihood.


Give me a dingy corner in the suburbs of Delhi, a radio and loads of solitude and I shall need no one else once the FM takes over as it keeps me real busy. But wouldn’t it be a musical delight to have Delhi FM entering into our homes in more cities of India because I would visit the capital like a hill-station--- only once in a while, though the FM beats in my heart constantly.