~~  For Your Mother !!  ~~


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Today you are confident, content and composed,
Today you are organized, decisive, and disciplined,
Today you hold an impressive persona, a profound dignity,
You are the perseverance of the woman who touched your life.


From her womb, she instilled in you, patience and strength,
Safely snuggled within, you heard her joys, her tears,
Somewhere in your being, you learnt and absorbed,
The power to tolerate and adjust, over the years.


She wiped your each toddler tear, teaching you to smile,
Holding your hand through every fall, crossing each mile.
She taught you values of honesty, respect, and love,
Ensuring you excel, leaving the rest to the one above.


She cleared your mind during your confused youthful years,
Your competitive zeal, your first heartbreak, your petty fears,
She showed you the path to communicate, explore, and share.
For each challenge, she encouraged you to decide, devise, and dare.


Building your self esteem, tapping your hidden potential within,
She urged you to recognize emotions, battle problems and win.
By believing in yourself, you shall soon conquer the world,
By being self-fulfilled, you shall soon lend someone a ear.
Her legacy will bear fruit when you take out time, a moment, or two,
For the woman, who laid the foundation in you.



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