~~  Gahan Kala ~~


Join an event, build a bond….


They say that the way to a woman's heart is through jewellery but Showbiz believes in creating the way to be a more glamorous, sparkling and beautiful event that it creates an everlasting memory in which each heart that visits the event, yearns to return again.


The dazzle of jewellery displayed in its complete finesse with the aim of capturing the hearts of many who come to purchase it, is the endeavor behind the creation of Gahan Kala.


Gahan Kala is a humble attempt by Showbiz, to make the Chandigarh people feel special by giving them a display of exquisite jewellery from most parts of the country so they can purchase the same and fulfill their eternal desires of adorning sensuous jewelry which so far seemed impossible to attain.


To be part of such a platform in a city which is rich in taste and where customers demand perfection, is a privilege for many who yearn to display their creativity and desire to reach the hearts and homes of many people.Gahan Kala provides you this opportunity to attract the customers with the sparkle in your exotic jewelry and thus build a lifetime relationship of trust and quality.


Gahan Kala offers you on a silver platter….


  • A lifetime opportunity to display your finest creations of jewellery in the exclusive Expo centre of Chandigarh owned by Hotel Taj itself.

  • To be a part of the Mega publicity Campaign which is planned for the event at the regional level

  • You shall have a chance to meet renowned corporates who shall be associated with the expo and thereafter your rapport too with them shall increase.

  • Gahan Kala offers you to reach within the hearts of many customers in this region and develop with them a lifetime relationship as their most trusted jewelers.

  • You soon shall be an active participant at many press briefings as well as special expo events where you connect with noted jewellery merchants of the region.


Creating the dazzle of Showbizz India…..


Showbiz India came into being in City beautiful, by a set of competent professionals who desired to make a visible difference in providing the best exhibition opportunities by using novel techniques and international methodologies. Showbiz provides an exquisite platform for many of its clients to promote their products in a fine and lucrative manner. What began as a simple idea today has grown into a fascinating, gripping expo company. Focusing on making the women feel special, we organize an event twice a year called GAHAN KALA for our jewelry intrigued customers. Keeping in mind the above, our motto remains to make a moment memorable for both the exhibitor as well as the customer.


To exhibit the best products in an exotic manner, keeping in mind the interests of the customers and meeting the requirements of the exhibitor is an earnest endeavor of any good Expo company.Organising stalls,decors,maganging the event is the need of the hour and only the experts can deliver the best to the satisfaction of all.


Show Bizz India is the principal event organizers for these Expos and holds a steadfast passionate vision to create a platform where the best varieties of products can be exhibited and thus promoted. We provide not just space for products but also nurture ideas for growth. So whether it is an exquisite piece of jewellery to adorn a woman's grace or a fashion trend that needs to be showcased or launched with grandeur, Show Bizz India does so with firm commitment not to produce anything less than the best.