~~  Love Can Change Uniforms!!  ~~



Being an Army officer’s daughter, I was pretty tired of Army life. The dreary old OG uniform and the massive ‘Mickey mouse’ kinda DMS shoes had given me enough to think about! I had put my foot down despite my parents’ wishes, against marrying an army fella—no way!!


Adventure full of fresh excitement was what I wanted from life---as was Navy life---actually the white spotless uniform impressed me---it seemed so very pure! And moreover, I never believed in love, which only happened, in the tinsel world and Cinderella stories! Love! Ha!


And then cupid struck---it just happened---I told my friend amongst giggles blushing beetroot red!!


We were family friends and he visited us often. Maybe it was the twinkle in his eyes, or his zooming bike or just his freshly brassowed’ captain stars, proudly perched on his OG uniform, that did the trick.


Thereafter, I would walk on air. Before falling into blissful slumber I would take a peek at my dad’s OG uniform and his huge (not that huge, come on) DMS every evening---you know just a teeny-weeny look.


Then one fine day, I reasoned with myself that the Navy uniform may not conceal dirt but the OG one shall forever remain (or look) clean! But the guy wearing the OG one had charisma, chivalry, warmth and love pouring from his eyes and heart. He surely did sweep me off my feet and still does.


A sheepish smile spreads across my face when sometimes I lovingly brasso his uniform A thousand salutations to those ladies who chose the man behind the OG uniform for he is the best, isn’t he?