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Your purchase of gold is precious to you,
 Your faith and trust is priceless to us....

Have you often wondered if you are spending much more on gold ornaments and not getting its worth? Do you often get upset if another jeweler offers you much less than what you paid for? How much is your gold worth, anyway? How do you find out?

All these queries were often left unanswered in our minds but now with Hallmarking, the authenticity and purity of an ornament is proven.


What is Hallmarking?
 Hallmarking is a certified 916 stamp on each piece of 22 ct gold jewellery that guarantees its purification and quality. The stamp made on the precious metal indicate that the jewellery has been evaluated and certified by an official assay office and, that it conforms to national or international standards of fineness and purity.

What do you look for when buying gold?
Today, often, the Indian customer asks for discounts. As each piece of jewellery is priced on the basis of weight, this has a direct impact on the retailer's profit. But a jeweler, who offers discounts to keep his client satisfied, could also be compromising on the quality of the gold to keep his margins. As a result, the customer buys gold of unreliable quality that can be a mixture of different alloys, a layer of pure gold, on a core base metal. But we at Malik jewelers do not compromise on quality and believe in giving you the best certified stamped jewellery and assure you are wearing your money’s worth...

Is the stamp really authenticated?
In the interest of the consumer and the Government, the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) has launched the BIS scheme for hallmarking gold jewellery. BIS-recognized assaying and hallmarking centers will certify purity of gold jewellery in accordance with the India Standard ISO: 1417 grades of gold and alloys, which is equivalent to the international standard. Jewelers certified by the BIS will have the license to get their jewellery assayed and hallmarked by any BIS-recognized assaying and hallmarking centre. We at Malik jewelers proudly claim to have got this authorization for all our worthy customers.

How do customers benefit from this certification?
With the Hallmark certification, however, now you can buy a piece of jewellery that is guaranteed for purity and originality. It might also fetch a premium price at the time of selling, compared to the jewellery that is not hallmarked. Hallmarked gold can also be traded for equivalent value anywhere in the world as it is stamped with an international standard.

How do jewelers benefit from this authentication?

A jeweler has no control over the prices. Gold price is the sum total of the actual daily international price of gold converted into rupees plus the import duty and the sales tax. The jeweler makes his margin from the ``making charges'' that cover the labor involved in craftsmanship, the design and the wastage. If a jeweler compromises on quality of the ornaments, his goods are rejected in the export market which affects the credibility of the industry .So he too prefers building up the trust by selling verified Hallmarked jewellery.

To be able to sell authenticated jewellery, a jeweler comes into the international competitive arena. He enhances customer satisfaction and wins their trust by giving a lifetime commitment of purity and quality.

We at Malik jewelers assure you an eternal bond of trust and faith when you purchase certified 916 Hallmarked jewellery from us. We give you your money’s worth and much more, a lifetime assurance to be your family jeweler for years to come.


The symbol of purity,
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