~~  Moments with Dad  ~~


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As far as memory goes, moments spent with dad have snuggled themselves deep within my heart. From being a naughty toddler, to a prank filled child to a shy adolescent till a responsible mother, each memory with dad holds a trail of meaning to my life.


Like on hot summer afternoons splashing in the farm tubewell sipping chilled 'lassi', totally oblivious of our surroundings to tutoring of tough subjects during school days, each memory is special. Repeated dictations of difficult words and magnanimous maths sums to solve seemed a tough phase of life but the reward of a smile from dad on scoring full marks was overwhelming!!.


Adolescence stepped in with tons of advice enveloped with love and space of an individual. Just holding me when I cried after a break up with a dear friend or when , Penny, my dog passed away, was dad's way of sharing my grief whilst being strong for me.


The most memorable moment was when dad and I had a tete-e-tete on my wedding day. I was too jubilant to marry the man i fell in love with hence fell no reason to sob (as is the custom) as i left my maiden home. Amidst the din of wedding music, I quietly asked dad if it was acceptable to society if i shed no tears as my dreams came true and smilingly he kissed my forehead and said "you don't need to if you don't want to"--I left with dreams in my eyes but not without noticing tears in his eyes which were well camouflaged by his latest goggles!!!


When my daughter was born after a rather difficult c-section, i could hear in my semi-conscious condition dad blessing me while holding my drip-laden hand very carefully lest he hurt me.


I realize today being a parent is the most difficult yet beautiful thing in the world. But with dad around, this daddy's little girl's girl too will bloom into a fine young lady soon.


We need you, dad ,eternally.