~~  Mothers !!  ~~


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Sometimes I wonder why God is always not with us,
Sometimes I wonder how all our wishes come true,
Sometimes I wonder who is our Mother?
Mother, a lady of strength, warmth and love,
Teaching us each step, blessed from above.
A mother holds us first after giving birth,
Her loving care and tender touch,
Is precious for a child so much.
Mother, makes a home so warm so nice,
Her hands are magic working so fast,
Whether washing clothes or cooking rice!!
Mother, takes care of our smallest needs,
From clean clothes to neatly combed hair.
She helps us study and score high,
She encourages us to go beyond and fly.
Mother, fulfils our wishes so small,
She hugs us warmly after each fall,
Wiping our tears which simply flow,
She strengthens us, steady and slow.
Now I understand where is God,
God is in our Mother, who cares for us,
Who kisses us when we sleep?
Who corrects us when we do wrong?
Who loves us for what we are.
We love you Mother, as our God.