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Taking an old colorful disposable bathing towel--sew on the sides old single ribbons of your daughter to smoothen the edges. Nail the towel onto a wall covering an ugly patch. This will serve as a back rest and avoid staining your clothes from the whitewash on the wall.


Take an old cushion or fold an old mattress square shape and make a kind of seat covering with a colorful cloth giving it an ethnic look. This shall be your seat--so make it comfortable enough.


Take a used empty jam or cheese tin--paste it up with old gift wrap paper--pierce a hole in the bottom--stuff with mud and plant a delicate fern in it.


Take your old shoe cardboard box--turn it upside down--with the opening facing downwards--place a delicate tablecloth over it--this will serve as a perfect table to keep your cup of tea.


Take old pretty greeting cards---cut out a square or round design--paste it onto the same shape cardboard and this can serve as a holster to keep your cup.


Either you can put a light weight lamp on your table or hang a bulb over your corner and make a shade around it by wrapping a laced muslin colored cloth and let it hang lose with tassels for a good effect.


On the cardboard table you can put a cracked unused glass or cup after making designs on it with paint and put 2-3 pens in it to help you make notes .


To give a festive look to your corner, you can paste broken glass bangles that have been turned into an oval shape by a candle flame--a chain can be made and hung decoratively over the wall.


Under the cushion seating you can put a large colorful cloth made up of various discarded pieces of cloth all stitched up together. This rug can be spread evenly with it peeping from all sides--it will be very colorful.


Lastly but not the least take your kids old teddy bear--give it a wash--put a ribbon around its neck and make him sit with you and read out your favorite book in your favorite corner.