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Showbiz India came into being in City beautiful, by a set of competent professionals who desired to make a visible difference in providing the best exhibition opportunities by using novel techniques and international methodologies.Showbizz provides an exquisite platform for many o fits customers to promote their products in a fine and lucrative manner. What began as a simple idea today has grown into a fascinating, gripping expo company. Focusing on making the women feel special, we organize an event twice a year called GAHAN KALA for our jewelry intrigued customers. Not leaving the rest behind, a fashion oriented event organized bi annual named FASHION KALEIDOSCOPE is successfully being launched by us too.Keeping in mind the above, our motto remains to make a moment memorable for both the exhibitor as well as the customer.

Our vision……..

To promote their products in an attractive manner so it reaches the common man effectively, today's business leaders rely on event expos who understand a consumer's mind, are expertise in the organization of events and who can promise a further growth of the clients. To exhibit the best products in an exotic manner, keeping in mind the interests of take customers and meeting the requirements of the exhibitor is an earnest endeavor of any good Expo company.Organising stalls,decors,maganging the event is the need of the hour and only the experts can deliver the best to the satisfaction of all.

Show Bizz India is the principal event organizers for these Expos and hold a steadfast passionate vision to create a platform where the best varieties of products can be exhibited and thus promoted. We provide not just space for products but also nurture ideas for growth. So whether it is an exquisite piece of jewellery to adorn a woman's grace or a fashion trend that needs to be showcased or launched with grandeur, Show Bizz India does so with firm commitment not to produce anything less than the best.

Ever since our humble inception in July 06,Show Bizz India has seen a vision and attempted to rise towards it with sincereity,hard work and a desire to go beyond the horizon.

Our maiden attempt was the launch of GAHAN KALA a very dazzling display of exquisite jewellery between 4th to 7th August 06 at the CII Exhibition Hall at sector 31, Chandiagrh.The event was inaugurated by Mrs. Malhee, the wife of the DGP, Haryana.

The event was a blooming success with associate partners like Sahara resorts, Hindustan Times, Club Mahindra, DTC and MCX Exchange giving the expo its complete unconditional support.

A wide range of participants reached out to us from all over India and returned yearning for many such events. They were:

From the city that never sleeps
• B. Vijay Kumar (Bharat Shah Group)
• ORRA (Rosy Blue Group)
• Sparkles (Poddar Diamonds)
• S.S Enterprises
• R& T Axis International
• N.M Creations
• Auro Gold

From the pink city -Jaipur
• Orchidz
• Jewelace
• Vaishnavi jewels
• Harqawat Jewels

From our Nation's capital - Delhi
• JKJ Jewelers
• Radha Pallavi solitaires
• Caratz
• Chodhury Jewelers

From our very own City Beautiful - Chandigarh

• Swaran Ganga
• A.G Diamond house
• AV Jewelers
• Rajasthan Jems
• Ashok's Rajasthan Jewelers
• Anmol Rattan
• Hyderabadi Pearls
• Orosilber
• Revoy Gems
• Tavash

The display of such meticulous jewellery in such a fine way, attracted many women from all walks of life who bought jewellery to indulge themselves or as a gift or simply to adorn themselves for an occasion to remember. It was a very enterprising success with the media giving it a memorable coverage paving the way for future such expos.

Print media's like Hindustan Times,Dainik Bhaskar,the Tribune, The Indian express, The Business Standard covered the event very well.Foloowing is a snippet widely propagated by Amar Ujala.

The Chandigarh Bhaskar left no stone unturned in letting the city know about the event and covered the same in 100 CC space. The Dainik Bhasker also covered the front page with 100 CC spaces providing to the success of the event.

The Hindustan Times, which is one of the enterprising print media of Chandiagrh graced its newspaper by devoting 1 full page, 4 half pages, 4 ads with 100 CC each and 2 ads with 60 CC each.

For those who prefer the electronic media for the latest updates, the expo event was covered by Punjab Today, Citicable and Channel 1 reaching a million viewers successfully.

Our progress…..
With the previous acclaim and glory of the expo event organized by Show Bizz India, a need arose to organize another such event due to the increasing demand which was created by the success of the event in Aug O6.

Gahan Kala again emerged on 6th, 7th and 8th Jan at Hotel The Taj in sector 17, Chandigarh.Following was an invitation placed in The Chandigarh Tribune and The Chandigarh Simplicity to reach out to the dynamic residents of Chandiagrh who were eagerly awaiting this event once again.

Once again great barons of the jewelry industries participated in the event and entrusted their precious gems to be displayed by us efficiently thus developing the mutual trust we have with them. They were:

 From Overseas—Bangkok

Alta Auroasia Ltd.

From the city that never sleeps—Mumbai

• D'damas
• Sparkles
• Ziva Jewlellery
• S.S Enterprises

From the pink city---Jaipur

• Orchidz
• Clarity Gold
• Jewelace
• Vaishanavi Jewels
• V.P Gems

From our Nation's capital—Delhi

• JKJ Jewellers
• M.C Jewels
• Vikas Diamonds
• Caratz
• Regency Jewellers
• Diamlust
• Chowdhury Jewelers
• Aastha arts

From our very own City Beautiful—Chandigarh

• Zevar Exclsuive
• Le Diamond
• A.V Jewelers
• Anmol Rattan
• Siddhartha Exports
• Hyderabadi Pearls
• OroSilber
• Revoy Gems
• Tavash
• Devi Maa Jewels
• Inderjit pearls
• Raga Collections

The Press covered the event very well making sure that the ones, who missed the event, would never want to miss it again!!Amar Ujala, the Tribune, the Business standard and Punjab Kesri covered the event well. The Chandigarh tribune had 5 insertions with 100 cc each, The Dainik Bhaskar and Chandigarh Newline also covered the events with 5 pages giving 100 cc spaces and following was placed in Hindustan times live holding 5 insertions in 100 cc space each.

With the print media wearing so many feathers in its cap how could the electronic media be left behind? The Punjab Today, Channel 1 and Citicable covered the event and by television many took in the breathtaking event which was supported by brand icons like Octavia Superb, Coca Cola and the Grill.

Our forthcoming endeavors……

"Vanity thy name is woman"
Showbiz India recognizes this fact and yearns to make every woman feel special. In Showbizz, we learn, you explore, we innovate and you prosper!!

Looking behind at our success die to your unending co-operation which has helped us reach dizzy heights, we propose to enhance the grace of womanhood by organizing the SUMMER—FASHION KLAEDIOSCOPE in May 07 to beat the heat by its refreshing presence.

By the time the women are relaxing in the autumn of their exquisite shopping from the expo,the WINTER KLAEDIOSCOPE IN NOV 07 would be ion its way to welcome the new year with all its glory.This enterprising Kaleidoscope wants to put every woman on a pedestal by luring her to buy women apparels, jewellery , lingerie ,cosmetics, purses etc. The target audience is women of all ages with a zest to have fun and pick up the best product which displayed in their finest by Showbiz promising greater returns.

The way to a woman's heart is through jewelry. So once again Showbiz will launch its GAHAN KALA in July 07 and December 07 to sizzle the sleeping desires of every woman and lure her toward the sparkle of the gems which shall be the latest trends from various participants all over.

Our success lies in our determination and desire to innovate and reach beyond unreachable boundaries. And to achieve that, your help would be priceless. We hope to have an eternal valuable relationship with you.