~~ Stay By Me !!  ~~


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Sleep, sleep, beauty bright,
Dreaming in the joys of night,
Your soft slumber is in sight,
Of the dusky misty twilight.
Dimpled cheeks, angelic eyes,
Golden curls like wavy skies,


Your tender caress, your breath so warm,
Will steer away any storm.
Cradling in my feeble arms,
Your smile so naïve, so gay,
Treads upon my joyous heart,
Like dawn breaking into day.

Welcome to my world,
My little girl,
Surround it with your joy, your cheer,
You are a blessing, from above,
My dear.
Restoring my faith in Him,
After moments of dishearten,
And wanton,
You sprinkled into our lives,
From blue heavens and miracle skies.
Stay by me,
My girl, in my world.