~~  Strangers In The Night  ~~


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At midnight in the month of June,
As I stand beneath the mystic moon
I see an opiate, vapor dewy dim,
Inhaling out from her golden rim,
As she treads shyly in my open arms,
Her eyes no longer brim.


As the June moonlight enveloped us close,
Sinking in passion, in ecstasy we rose,
Oblivious to the stifling leaves,
Deaf to the owl amidst the trees,
We entered the haven of love,
Under the shadow of the moon above.


Our eyes had met over the din,
When I saw hers, full to the brim.
Lot in the crowd she was so naïve,
A lonely beauty, yet so suave.


To which world she belongs, I don’t know,
From which caste she hails, I don’t care,
All I know, this night we are blessed to share.
So die in my arms, holding me once more,
As at dawn you shall sail to a distant shore.


Inhaling this mystic moment so true,
How will I ever bid adieu?
My heart breaks along with the dawn,
As you set sail, I watch forlorn,
Gathering fragments of a moment so right,
Of two strangers in the night.