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Who we are!!


Caretakers With A Mission.


To reach out and touch others' lives, to give back in some measure what we have received, to make a difference -is the core of all human concerns. How we desire to do this reflects who we are.


Madhok Foundation embodies this concern and seeks to "Make a Difference" to the lives of a few underprivileged people by felicitating complete care and concern.


Standing true to its mission, the foundation has adopted 50 disabled individuals and their families living under gross inhuman conditions in the slums of New Delhi.


The nature of their disability ranges from the congenital, to the loss of bodily part due to accident, afflicted by polio, meningitis or any other childhood disease.


All have been issued disability certificates by the authorized hospitals and thus their disability has been identified, recognized and verified by the relevant government agencies. As they are mentally agile and desirous of being economically independent, the Madhok Foundation has introduced several vocational training programs in order to equip them to earn their livelihoods with dignity and contribute to the society in a more meaningful way.


What we do


We can and will continue to make the difference .Despite the documented evidence of their physical disability; all such families receive no social support from the state agencies or any other Organisation.Thus for survival many resort to begging.


To alleviate this deprivation and restore some sense of dignity, Madhok Foundation has embarked on a long term sustainable program for economic rehabilitation This is done by getting PCO booths allotted to some , arranging for others, little mobile kiosks for selling tea /coffee, small handicraft items, newspapers, candles /incense sticks etc.


Most of the people assisted under this scheme have made a success of their lives and act as a role model for others .Thus a state of absolute indignity and penury is successfully replaced by an existence of great honor and dignity.


Education as A Priority


dhok Foundation not only assists the adults but also runs a pre-primary educational center for their children between the ages of 3-6 years. This program is designed to intervene early in the lives of these children preparing them to gain Admission in the mainstream schools.


Aiming at medical help


Madhok Foundation is vigorously pursuing the"Micro Health Insurance Scheme" primarily meant for the marginalized. Under this scheme poor people living both in rural & urban areas are being covered extensively for free Medical Treatment and also Insurance for their Life. . .


Our quest for providing medical facilities to our adopted families has been recognized and bolstered by the allocation of a Mobile Clinic Van by the Govt. of Delhi which visits the slum cluster of the disabled families to attend to preliminary investigations and treatment.


In addition to our efforts in the areas of economic self reliance, education and medical care, we also provide clothes, blankets, books , medicines and food on a regular basis to the families to help them cope with their basic needs and combat the vagaries of nature more effectively.


Help us do more...


Together we can strengthen and extend our mission.


Help us:


  • Build low cost homes for fifty disabled men and their families to help them lead a more dignified existence.

  • Set up a pre-primary and early intervention center to prepare children between the age group of 3 to 6 years for the entry into the mainstream schools.

  • Start Primary Health Center with resources for a Doctor. Nursing Assistant and medicines.

  • Establish Vocational Training Center's to impart skills and training programs.

  • Expand Opportunities for Self Employment.


Other Concerns

1. Counseling / Advice / Advocacy
2. Campaign / Activism / Networking
3. Training & Economic Empowerment of the Youth
4. Grass Root Governance 5. Environment Awareness


Our Belief

A drop in an ocean makes a difference; many a drop makes an ocean. We are not the biggest charitable organization nor is it our goal to be one. However we do believe that we can and will make a tangible and sustainable difference in the lives of the underprivileged and the marginalized people. And we do know that our honest efforts can help to improve and brighten their lives and that together we can build a better future where there is hope, happiness and dignity for one and all.


For further details contact:

Alaka Madhok
Madhok Foundation
8408, Sector C-8 Vasant Kunj New Delhi - 110 070




But together we can make a difference.