~~  Time to bribe the sun??  ~~


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To be up here, snuggled in the laps of clouds, watching you earthlings shiver in the cold down below, does make my heart remorseful. But, I am on annual leave, you see and my brother, Mr. Cold wave is fulfilling his duties rather efficiently.


Last night, while I was resting, my million sisters, the stars, suggested, I ought to take a peak from behind the clouds but I need a break and want to be left alone, after being treated harshly by all of you during the summer. They say , I am a sentimental fool! Sigh!!


Oh! Those summer days!! I would rise early, shuffle my warm rays, taking over from cousin dawn and would then gaze down lovingly at all fauna, flora and humans! My joy showed in my constant glow which was bright those days. How I disliked cousin dusk relieving me as I sadly returned home leaving such beautiful things on earth. But sadly, I was never treated kindly by all of you.


Daily, as I would commence my duties happily and reach out to you, each one of you would escape from me. Camouflaged under layers of exotic sunscreens smeared all over, lovely ladies would not let me caress their tender skin! Men would zoom to work in their powerful air-conditioned cars or scurry off under thick umbrellas shielding from my so called wrath!!


As my departure would draw close, I awaited most of you to bid me adieu, as I left a crimson sky but only tired kids would see me off. Was my presence so painful to you? So why should I return now because when summer arrives, you shall shun me again!!


As I took a peek at midday , I observed how you gushed out of your cold homes breathing warm whisks of air and smiling to welcome me. Dogs stretched their cold limbs wrinkling their frozen moist noses, women hurriedly dried the laundry, pickles and spices while husbands pulled out dusty files and the flowers beamed at me. Though I had to rush back, I confess it really felt good to be in demand.


Just yesterday, after hearing from our satellite news, Brother Moon enlightened me, that plenty of people are dying due to the biting chill which means brother Cold wave is being a bit too harsh on you! He needs a cold shoulder now! They all care for me; you see and know I am hurt. I too have feelings, rather warm ones at that!!


My tender heart feels for the little kids who return home with running noses and are tucked beneath heavy blankets deprived of play. They were my constant companions during summer and though being drenched in sweat; they were oblivious of my heat and held no grudges whatsoever. Their innocence tugs at my heart, truly. With no curses for me in their lingo, they thank the almighty, each night, joining their tiny palms for small blessings. You adults ought to learn from them and be grateful for little mercies in life. Just as I thank God for sharing my rays with you, don't you feel you ought to thank him for all things bright and beautiful? Spare a thought, to recollect your school days' prayer.


Yet, for these pure hearts, I may return, because basically, I am a sentimental fool!! Sigh! I guess I better give a warm hug to brother Cold wave and request him to cut short his tenure, so I can bestow my rays and share the mutual joy with you. For, the simple truth is, I too am missing touching the morning dew on roses, the dripping fragrant garments on a clothesline, showering warmth on a sleeping cow and causing shimmering ripples on the surface of a sea!


So friends, when you pray to god and learn to thank him for the brighter joys of life, I shall step out of my snug world and reach out to you.


So ladies, rinse your hair, allowing a million droplets to fall and watch them evaporate. And guys put on your walking shoes and walk to work with me, watching over you, as a little exercise will sure do you good! Of course, how could I forget, my loyal friends, the kids-I promise to linger around, for you, so that you can ignore your moms and play a while longer.


Step out and see this sentimental fool, returning to you with the hope, that you will welcome me like this all through the year and embrace me, as I shall too, as soon as I am warmed up!! See you soon