~~  TV Stars - A Reflection !!   ~~


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Television has successfully entered our lives, via our hearts by gripping an audience like never before. Thanks to mega soaps ,advertisements etc, the TV stars today are the favorite topics of old grandmothers, rickshaw-pullers, bureaucrats or even brand new parents who wish to name their new born baby after a television personality!!

The TV stars with their amazing dramatic talents, go into the depth of a character and portray it in the best possible manner while fulfilling the demands of their respective directors. We, the audience, watch the characters on television with undivided attention and subconsciously relate ourselves to them. Such introspection is an innate part of our self-being. The nature, the looks or simply the actions performed by the actor in a situation are mirror images of our daily lives. Such is the effect the talented TV stars have upon us.

Due to interesting serials and gripping stories depicted on Television, one can see a kind of unity in the family. For eg--to watch kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi on weekdays ,tasks are finished on time and with pin drop silence one awaits with bated breath as the TV is Switched on at 10:30 pm. All members of the family relate themselves to each member in the serial. They see a glimpse of themselves on screen---glimpses of their soul which they do not desire to disclose to anyone due to magnanimous egos but would definitely strive hard for.

Keeping friction aside, today, every daughter-in-law desires to be a perfect bahu like Tulasi of kyunki..... fame, just to achieve fragments of peace and joy in her home.

TV stars have effectively stirred within their audience the urge to improve and make the best of a situation. They maybe distant "stars" for a common man to reach out to, but they have created a niche for themselves in the hearts of every spectator who watches them with awe as well as hope to find solutions to their own problems.

If a TV star can successfully evoke catharsis in the audience, he is certainly the best star today. Simply putting it, if you shed a tear while watching an emotional scene, or hold your sides laughing during comedy--the credit simply goes to the star who managed to arouse this change in mood in you and you conclude that he/she is a great star. On the contrary, if no emotions emerge, you simply switch off the TV, smirk and conclude --I could've done better!!!

By judging a TV star on his ability or performance, we are in a way judging our own capability of grasping a situation and thus handling it. Just like we can never pin a cloud on the ground, we cannot judge the reflections of ourselves that are portrayed skillfully by TV Personalities.

Summing up, I shall say, all of us should strive for that silver lining and positive thinking that is displayed on a TV screen via soaps or discussions, which pave a path for a healthy, clean and peaceful society.