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To be living life without a uterus is a blissful experience which I must share with many women like myself. After years of trial and error, conception took place but an emergency hysterectomy followed after a tough C section! Being a mother for the first and the last time, excitement and apprehension engulfed me but not without remorse of losing a vital organ. But years down the line, I realized the loss was actually bliss and felt God really does the best.


Agreed , my opportunities of providing my daughter with a sibling may have gone but the advantages are plenty. No more painful monthly menstrual cramps--as a result no more rushing to the chemist for purchasing sanitary napkins well camouflaged in newspapers to avoid strange looks!


My husband dear too is spared the agony of purchasing protection amidst mumbled undertones! Instead one is completely carefree with no tension of being intimate with ones loved one on safe days!


Am often faced by sympathetic looks and compassionate sweet nothings from old ladies who feel am incomplete without a possibility of bearing a son !The young ladies envy me and wish why couldn't god almighty make periods annually instead of monthly and why shouldn't men bear up the 5 days once in a while! The freedom I feel can only be experienced not expressed!


But everything comes with a price--so has my present blissful state. Am too faced by medical problems every now and then with an organ amiss within not to miss the added weight--but am unwilling to trade this bliss with a life containing a uterus!


By helping to reduce the country's population, by willingly letting go of an unwanted organ, by making love without being concerned about procreation am truly grateful to god for blessing me with a beautiful daughter in trade of a uterus! Am welcoming the fast approaching menopause for which am being well prepared with full gusto. Pain free months, full focus on one child and a stress free intimacy--what more could a woman ask for? Take a peek here