~~  Womanhood Is Bliss !!   ~~


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Simply being a woman seems reason enough to write on Woman’s day! And believe me when I say womanhood is bliss!! If you are a woman and young, you are wooed by men trying to lure you through scented flowers, scrumptious chocolates and exotic perfumes. Men kiss the floor you tread upon and youth tries to steal some beauty from you. Such pleasures young hunks of today are deprived of, aren’t they?

If you are a woman and middle aged, you are simply beautiful and radiant and just irresistible to all men irrespective of age or marital status. Motherhood steps with pleasure like a baby cuddling in your arms, a toddler’s innocent queries, a taste of teenage tantrums and the everlasting kinship between a mother and her daughter. Fathers will have to reborn as women to experience this!! If you are a woman with streaks of grey, you are elegance personified. The joy of being a fairy godmother, the expertise technique of unfolding mysterious bedtime tales to grandchildren and sitting on a rocking chair with knitting needles reminiscence blissful like post menopause, is what grandfathers are exempt from!!

Today, I reach out to all those daughters, wives and mothers who have set aside their own desires and ambitions to prioritize the lives and careers of their family. Any member of your family may not be a Shah Rukh Khan or a Sachin Tendulkar due to your endless sacrifices, but just being there to hold their hand when they need you, makes you special in their hearts, So ladies, womanhood raises you to pinnacles of joy which no man is privileged enough to go through!

Today is woman’s day and you ought to freak out! Arise late from bed sipping aromatic tea, take a scented foam bath, slip on your dancing shoes and take a breath of the morning sun and you shall feel alive as never before. Let the utensils lie dirty, beds be unkempt, laundry filthy in the basket, the world will not end.

You deserve to be pampered lady. Leave the kids with a relative, surround your hubby with loads of books and take off! You deserve a break from the same mundane routine. Dish out the freakiest nail varnish, allow yourself a facial you avoided since ages and indulge in a cherry topped triple cassata despite the calories. Work out tomorrow!!

Paint the town red with friends all piled in a rickshaw/car for a change and remember to offer a generous sum to the rickshaw puller or your driver and give the day off to the maid—(it’s her day too )! And finally spend all the saved—for –a rainy—day money only on yourself!! After all you deserve the best to be a woman !!


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